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Vampire Slayer Guide

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  1. Speak to Morgan in his house on the north side of Draynor village, opposite the wheat field. He'll tell you about the Vampire terrorising the village and asks you to kill it. He'll also tell you to go find his friend Dr. Harlow at the Blue Moon Inn in Varrock. 

    Step 1 
  2. Before heading to Varrock, go upstairs in Morgan's house and search the wall cupboard for a clove of Garlic. Now go to Varrock and find the Blue Moon Inn on the path south of the centre, towards the south gate. 

    Step 2 
  3. Talk to Dr. Harlow and buy him a beer for 2gp when he asks for it. He'll tell you how to kill the Vampire and give you a Stake. 

    Step 3 
  4. Make sure you've got a Hammer, armor, weapon, and food and head to Draynor Manor. For this you will need 200k to enter through the door and you may have to click door a few times. Enter the manor and climb the stairs that go down. Open the coffin and Count Draynor (level 34) will jump out and start attacking you. 

    Step 4 
  5. Attack him until he's full red bar and the Stake should automatically stab and kill him. If not make sure you have a Hammer with you and the Stake. (If it still doesn't work try using the Garlic on him and manually stabbing him with the Stake.) 

    Step 1 

    Congratulations! Quest Complete! 
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