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New Home location

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What is your suggestion? My suggestion is to change the main location for home from Lumbridge to Main Mall.

who/what does your suggestion benefit? My suggestion will mainly benefit the new players as when they start off in Lumbridge there really is not many resources for them to use to train or go anywhere but the teleport wizard and some of them wont even think to speak to the wizard and they will be clueless and eventually go to another server but if the main location for home is at main mall which is Edgeville right there they have access to the shops, the slayer master, the donation assistant and event the voting manager. it just makes more sense to use edgeville/main mall as our home location.

Any other details about your suggestion? you can also so skilling right there at main mall such as thieving, woodcutting, smithing, and more! Please this into consideration as i feel this will really benefit the server in the long run.

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