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  1. Welcome cheung. If you need anything pm me here in-game or on discord.
  2. Chronic

    Vampire Slayer Guide

    Thank you for the guide AGS. It will definitely help with the new members.
  3. Welcome to the community. If anything is needed you can pm me here, on discord, or in-game.
  4. Welcome to the community! If anything is needed feel free to pm me in-game.
  5. What is your current game mode you are playing in? My game mode is standard ironman. i will try to max the standard ironman and then work my way up to the next game mode and try to max it. What are you goals in-game other than maxing and winning that contest? I plan on maxing all my combat skills first and then i will work on my mining and smithing as i love the looks of the skill capes for those 99's i will also go for 99 slayer. These are just short term goals as my long term goal is to become the #1 player on all the highscores which will probably take me forever. lol please list below your Game mode and what a few of your goals are.
  6. Welcome to the community Delicious! After the release tomorrow please make sure to go here and make a new request stating your username so you can claim your free dragon scimitar.
  7. Welcome Alter! I look forward to playing with you tomorrow also. Make sure after you make your in-game account you go here and make a new request stating your in-game username so you can receive your dragon scimitar for making your introduction.
  8. Hello Jacob. We actually do have a location to put your staff applications at but even as i was unaware of this im sure Ghrazi wont mind to much as it can be moved. (You can place staff applications under the Support link at the top of your page) I wish you luck on your application!
  9. I am from Florida my friend.
  10. Welcome to the community Jacob! I am also from the east coast of the US so we should be able to see each other ingame often with our times being the same. Add me ingame once we are released my username will be the same as the one here.
  11. Does anyone have any good series on netflix they like to binge watch? I currently just finished watching the El Chapo series and want to watch something else interesting. i like comedy, horror, action, and thrillers. If you have any good ones please list them in comments but i only ask if you have multiple series please list them in one comments so we are not farming post counts. thank you all.
  12. Welcome to the community! I wish you the best of luck on your future goal.
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KgjG53gnfFc
  14. Welcome Demetri! I like the name Demetri, it is catchy. If you need anyone to talk to feel free to pm me. I do not bite lol
  15. Welcome to the community Milkshake! is it Strawberry, Chocolate or Vanilla?
  16. Welcome to the community Erco! I have a American bully named Buddy and he is just a big teddy bear lol
  17. Hello everyone I am chronic or my real name is Travis.I am 22 years old.I currently live in the united states of America (Florida)I have played rsps since 2011-2012 and my first rsps was spawnscape when jet kia ran it back in its prime.I currently work at a Pallet repair place in which I work nighshift.I do a small amount of graphics and designing and I also build websites.I am A forums addict and I enjoy a very active forums.I am also a pvm freak all I do is pvm and slayer.I wish to see everyone active in the game and on the forums. Thank you for reading my small introduction and if you see me around don't be shy to speak I don't bite I just nibble.
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