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Major Community Events this Week. 25M OSRS FFA 2-Rounds, Legendary Mystery Box Give-away and Ghrazi Rapier!


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  1. Ghrazi

    Corporal Mass

    Saturday at 2 PM EST to 3 PM EST will be corporal mass.
  2. Welcome to the community @Lucid!
  3. Ghrazi

    Patch Log #1

    This is a short update nothing major, this should fix a lot of issues from player start as well as general much needed fixes ECO wise. Logic changes server side and performance issues. - EXP rates change, we heard how our players wanted a more up beat experience. EXP rates changed from 10x 10x glad mode, to 20x for combat 10x for skilling Normal mode has been changed to 30x for combat 20x for skilling Now when a new player logins we will be no longer displaying an old offer saying ::CLAIM DCLAWS and 15m coins. That is no longer the case, it's been completely removed from in-game. Players can now chat in-game clan chat after being online for 3 minutes! Deranged Archaeologist now has a loot table. Currently this stands as one of the best ways to gain crystal keys in-game, which can be used on the chest at home! Cows no longer drop ice giant loot which was The new and improved slayer gear has now been fixed, the entire logic tree now renders as complete to single piece. Dragon arrows are now craftable Server no longer crashes at revs, this was fixed on Saturday at 4 AM. This is nothing new. Soul runes added to magic shop Code improvements across our Hydra base and client code improvements across our Hydra client. (our secret 😉 ) Statius's full-helm now valued at 1.2m Statius's platebody now valued at 10m Statius's platelegs now valued at 8m Statius's warhammer now valued at 10m
  4. Hello, we have a lengthy update featuring many changes and additions to the world of Ghrazi. First starting with the drop rate changes for Vesta and Morrigan's outside of the revenant cave. The choice was made for a safe but lengthy progression or a risky, but less time consuming progression for outside and inside the revenant cave for high tier armor and weapons. Location: The following drop rates have changed for revenants at the following location above outside of the revenant cave. Vesta's drop rate changes on Revenant Orks Bug fix: No more double Vesta's Longswords in loot viewer Morrigan's drop rate changes on Revenant dragons Zuriel drop rate changes on revenant demons Changes within the revenant cave Revenant Knight drop rate changes Loot introduced to the revenant knight Revenant Goblin Revenant Imp Revenant Ork Revenant Hellhound Revenant Cyclops Revenant Dragon Revenant Dark Beast Revenant Pyrefiend Revenant Hobgoblin Black Dragons Loot rework + added to the rev cave Agility shortcut between black dragons and king kurask requires 75 agility to use Shortcuts added according to OSRS skill levels on Agility King kurask Black Demons Ice Giants Greator Demons Lesser Demons Green Dragons Hellhounds Slayer changes Task reset cost is now 37k from 75000. Zamorakian Hasta added to Slayer shop Slayer Gear that boosts maximum damage on your slayer task added to the slayer shop Currently 1500 points a piece. 1.25x on Torso, Legs 0.75x, boots 0.50x, stackable with slayer helms at 1.15x. Melee and range. We are not touching the stats on these items as its already extremely overpowered. Ancient wyvern shield added to wyverns Elemental and mind shield added to the melee shop Bronze dragons now have a loot table Rare raid rewards. Its a 1/650 chance for one rare reward, was 1/1000 which has now been decreased. Red chin training method added Karamja volcano object fixed
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