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  1. Congratulations to @Brandon for being the first to max! The winner of $100 USD Paypal.
  2. Thank you for posting your intro, welcome to our community!
  3. Hello, everyone. This is a brief post saying double EXP weekend is now active. Double exp weekend will end on 2019/08/19. Good luck everyone!
  4. Ghrazi

    Vampire Slayer Guide

    Thank you for posting this @Ags.
  5. Hi, we are happy to introduce a few changes to our staff roster. Owner: Timely Discord Tag Timely#8059, developer, community manager and marketing expert. @Erco The Loved is our new moderator, welcome to the team. IGN: Erco @Chronic is our forum moderator/in-game support IGN: Chronic @Blue is our in-game support, feel free to ask questions. He's here to help! IGN: Blue This is all, thank you for reading!
  6. Welcome to the community Taco!
  7. Welcome to the community Ash, were glad to have you here. GL on maxing.
  8. After much hardwork and a few setbacks we are proud to announce Ghrazi is open to the public and in full swing development. Remember to claim your dragon scimitars my fellow adventurers, you'll be needing a much needed upgrade. Check out our store here, 25% off 3 days only, won't be another till our next major update we are working on. See you in-game! Download Ghrazi on the forum or here
  9. Poll closed and locked. Quests will be introduced with certain major updates.
  10. Welcome! Thank you for introducing yourself to the community @Delicious
  11. Thread is locked. Please use here to apply for staff positions.
  12. This means item requirements will be catered around quests. Unlike RS we don't have plans to force someone to complete a quest. All tho, we can introduce new quests on some updates giving a variety of content.
  13. Hi, we are wondering if the community would like quests to be introduced into Ghrazi.
  14. Ghrazi

    Netflix binge watch

    I would recommend Narcos. Amazing series.
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