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Major Community Events this Week. 25M OSRS FFA 2-Rounds, Legendary Mystery Box Give-away and Ghrazi Rapier!


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    2019-08-29_04-18-46.mp4 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^DEMONSTRATION^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Vorkath pretty straight forward use any max set or your slayer set on task ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SUGGESTED INVENTORY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1 Antivenom+ pot 5-6 Super Restore/prayer pot fill the rest with mantas or food ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Recommended gear ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Slayer set if you have it if not max gear ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Prayer ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ALWAYS PRAY MAGE (if you are confident switch to pray range to negate damage from spike ball) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Attacks to memorize ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Red Fire in the sky MOVE can hit up to a 99 Green acid and red fire at the mouth run and don't stop till acid is gone Purple Takes disables prayer White freezes and summons spawn prepare to take damage unless u crumble undead on it Blue little fire = no damage if praying mage Spikeball = range damage hits hard but not insta death ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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    Hi im Lucid. Chronic is a don and invited me to this server which is great. A lot of hard work has clearly been put into this. Im a music producer and also do graphics design now and again aha. I've been playing runescape for years and decided to play some private servers due to time and customs! Very experienced player. Also experienced staff member I've been a moderator on a few different servers so I always love to help people. If anyone needs anything just pm and ill try my best to help with the situation. Well thats a wrap, Thanks for reading my intro see you all in-game!
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    This is a short update nothing major, this should fix a lot of issues from player start as well as general much needed fixes ECO wise. Logic changes server side and performance issues. - EXP rates change, we heard how our players wanted a more up beat experience. EXP rates changed from 10x 10x glad mode, to 20x for combat 10x for skilling Normal mode has been changed to 30x for combat 20x for skilling Now when a new player logins we will be no longer displaying an old offer saying ::CLAIM DCLAWS and 15m coins. That is no longer the case, it's been completely removed from in-game. Players can now chat in-game clan chat after being online for 3 minutes! Deranged Archaeologist now has a loot table. Currently this stands as one of the best ways to gain crystal keys in-game, which can be used on the chest at home! Cows no longer drop ice giant loot which was The new and improved slayer gear has now been fixed, the entire logic tree now renders as complete to single piece. Dragon arrows are now craftable Server no longer crashes at revs, this was fixed on Saturday at 4 AM. This is nothing new. Soul runes added to magic shop Code improvements across our Hydra base and client code improvements across our Hydra client. (our secret 😉 ) Statius's full-helm now valued at 1.2m Statius's platebody now valued at 10m Statius's platelegs now valued at 8m Statius's warhammer now valued at 10m
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    Exp rates are much better! Thanks for the quick update 🙂
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  • Major Community Events this Week. 25M OSRS FFA 2-Rounds, Legendary Mystery Box Give-away and Ghrazi Rapier!
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